mandag 16. september 2013

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lørdag 15. juni 2013

Hey hey folkens

Veldig lenge siden siste innlegget, men jeg tenkte å legge ut en kobling til en kompis sin sang som han vil få responser på fra dere! Kenneth heter han og her er den nyeste sangen hans;) gi han tilbakemeldinger da folks! peace out!

fredag 19. oktober 2012


Fucking system thats all i have 2 say.  NORWAY richest country in the world and thousands of homeless living on the streets, bah! Fuck the state of Norway has over 5000 empty appartments and condoes. And we have a oilfund worth more than 300000000KR its so tragic it makes one want to cry or lol or both, whatever, the state of Norway does not seem too care to much about its poor and homeless. Arbeiderpartiet you are supposedly for us, us the people, even those poor homless and perhaps (i guess) unemployed. TRAGIC?! Norway should be the Great Nation were supposed to be, and can be, how?

fredag 31. august 2012

420 LEGALIZE IT! Jeg og jenta mi klare for røykings!

check my picture hehe me and my sweetheart ready for some more good smoking! :D Legalize maijuana, hash, hemp, tetra hydro canabinol, thc whatever spliff, joint, pipe, bong, vaporier whateva u want me i am a SMOKER!

onsdag 29. august 2012


hI ALL! I hav been in jail so no pc for me...:P very nice 2 be ut again and free and with my girl:)) eah, so whats up? i got pc time now so lets post on my blog ?:) I have many thousands of diffrent and some strange pictures from aroun here in Oslo, capital of Norway... graff&tags , streetlife, in deep hehe, nature, buildings and etc from last year until now with always diffrent decent cameras. peace folkz Skjetten, AK 2013 Oslo, Tøyen 0564

søndag 6. mai 2012

Well i just wanted you all 2 know that i was a bit lucky last night i found a watch, a watch worth a lot of norwegian kroners, and in a pleasant time this here hit me! and yeah, the clock it's a Omega Constellation not really sure which one of em' it is yet for sure, but gimme the money yeah.. !:)

torsdag 16. februar 2012

YoyoYo ya'll! what is up and about? hopping around like a manic traut? Well, the crazyness aside, im not really in a computerfriendly eviroment now a days... So i mostely get online on my mobilephone and on liberarys in and around Oslo... I appreciate feedback , and tips and tricks about blogging i have not had the time to set myself really into it and learn it well.... i miss my computer! buhuu... Yeayea, please follow me on twitter @jon_the_jonzuun , and at flickr as aaahaa7jonzuun or at facebook Jon-Erik Haug Peace and love you all!

torsdag 12. januar 2012

Hi all!

Just a simple short Hello! My first blog entry from my sony ericsson Xperia arc phone. Holler at me:)) peace

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onsdag 23. november 2011

Contactinfo around the world wide web

Hi ya'll i just wanted you to know where to find me online , so i will write down contact info in a whole lot of diffrent sites im at. Facebook pages (music): & (Business etc) Https:// Facebook page personal : (my name) Jon-Erik Haug. --- @jon_the_jonzuun & @jonzuun --- --- --- --- (my screenname is aaahaa7jonzuun) --- --- --- --- Jonzuun --- --- 7Jon7ganja7 --- --- Jon-Erik_K.O.N. --- jahjahmightyone --- --- Jonzuun --- Jonzuun --- Jonzuun772tah --- jonzuun174 --- Jonzuun --- jonzuunnorway --- Jonzuun135 --- jonzuun --- --- Jonzuun1aa5 --- Jonzuun --- Jonzuun So c-ya folks hopefully in some of these site here:) Have a good day, and god bless!!

mandag 21. november 2011

welcome back again, not much new as per now, i simply want to share a few pics i uploaded to My name there is aaahaa7jonzuun just copy & paste this here into your google chrome, firefox, internet explorer or opera adress-line and you are in. BTW my name there is aaahaa7jonzuun. Just a few ordinary pictures of tags & grafs in the east oslo area this time but more will come in a variety of categories, and many more in this category as well, this is just the eenieweenie start. c-ya!

søndag 13. november 2011

I want you to check out this here site

I want you to check out this here site and make a deal each deal you make will earn me 50KR
not much but hey its all money...! + you save money! heh!..

torsdag 3. november 2011

Velkommen til min blogg folkens, forhåpentligvis vil den bli full av aktivitet om ikke så lenge.

Kom gjerne med innspill av enhver art, jeg starter her nå ganske forsiktig med kun å legge ut noen få linker , aaiight!? + noen få programmer jeg anbefaler å laste ned.

Simpelthen noen få nyttige/interessante URLs nedover her:


Noen Div sider der....

Her er noen nye (og gamle) programmer/software jeg anbefaler eller som kan være vært å sjekke ut. :

Avast Antivirus
Logmein Hamachi ( = ca 1200,-Kr)
Qcopy (
CrystalDiskInfo (
Acronis Drive Monitor (
J. River Media Center ( = ca 300,-Kr)
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012
Apple iPhone Configuration Utility
Windows 8 OS
Microsoft Endpoint Protection
Microsoft Intune (
Symantec Altiris
Novell ZENworks

Send meg gjerne en mail på eller @Jon_the_Jonzuun (på twitter)